100 Years of Hoover Appliances

A truly iconic brand that you can trust for quality appliances that are modern, reliable, practical and easy to use.

Hoover was originally founded in Ohio in 1908 and then moved to Middlesex just outside of London and became a registered company in 1919. Originally famous for its invention of the vacuum cleaner, Hoover become a household name for kitchen and cleaning appliances almost over night. Almost everyone has, at some time, had a Hoover in their household growing up, whether it was a vacuum cleaner, washing machine or dryer. Recognised worldwide by the unique red roundel, Hoover emanates a sense of trust and reliability.

Whilst the technology has certainly changed over the last century, Hoover’s philosophy of creating innovative domestic appliances has not waivered – enter ‘Generation Future’. A lasting stamp of assurance that we’re dedicated to creating and providing today what customers will demand as the standard of tomorrow. Hoover’s range of washing machines and dryers are designed with future generations in mind, offering valuable features such as inverter motors, wash and dry sensor technology and energy efficiency.

Today, Hoover manufacture some of the best known and technologically advanced washing machines and dryers on the market, yet they are still so simple to use. Know-how, the ability to anticipate market trends, to produce cutting-edge technical solutions and the ability to become a reference point for the future from the very moment our new products are released: all this has always been imprinted in our DNA. In this way, you will always be certain that you have chosen solid and long lasting products that are designed to make busy lifes, easier.